The South African Gravity Racing Association is an organization that aims to promote all gravity racing disciplines as classified by the International Downhill Federation  (IDF) , and to provide opportunities to all South Africans to participate in Gravity Sports. It aims to encourage qualities of good sportsmanship and courage and to foster friendship between gravity racers in South Africa and around the world, whatever their backgrounds.

It is SAGRA’s current mission to organize a South African Race Series, with races around the country, so that growing numbers of local riders can participate and gain ranking points with both the IDF and SAGRA, and sponsors can receive regular media exposure. Part of the mission includes making it possible for SA riders to take part in the World Cup Series.

SAGRA is an organisation by skaters for skaters.


SAGRA in 2016

January 21, 2016

First off apologies on behalf of SAGRA for the late start to 2016. SAGRA has been taking into consideration the suggestions of a restructure. A call for SAGRA to be more ‘hands off’ at events and act rather as strictly a sanctioning body has been discussed and agreed that this would be in the interest of everyone. This means SAGRA will not organise any events but rather act as a governing body for all races in South Africa providing guidelines, advice and the structure of a National race circuit. SAGRA will also be looking at a system by which all participants of the community can vote for candidates who have nominated themselves for positions within SAGRA in particular the Chairperson....

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Season's end

October 28, 2015

In a sudden announcement on Tuesday morning, that came in the form of a Facebook Notification, it is with great disappointment that we announce that the Plett Downhill Rage event has been cancelled.  That said, the 2015 season has come to a close, with Plett having been the last opportunity for riders to shake up the points table, it's fair to say that the rankings have now come to rest.  Congratulations to the top dogs of the year:  Decio Lourenco - Open Jean-Pierre Pellissier - J2 Matthew Swanepoel - J1 Kiri Twentyman-Jones - Ladies Lloyd Clark - Masters Elster Pieterse - Classic Luge Franco Megannon - Street Luge More information will follow in respect of the annual end-of-year jam to celebrate!

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Gravity Dogz World Tour

September 03, 2015

The Gravity Dogz went on a world longboarding trip and here’s what they had to say…   Q: Team?? A: Decio and Andre in USA joined by Grom and Gerhard (photographer) in Europe Decio Q: How Long did you travel? A: 2 months Q: From Start to finish, how many races? A: 6 races in total      1-   New York: Vermont Killington; Downhill   Throwdown at Killington (WQS)      2-  Burke: Vermont   The Push Culture Family Picnic (WC) Then we drove across country, Tennesse/Colorado where we visited our favourite place: Boulders.      3-   Washington    Maryhill festival of Speed (WC)   America is fun. Motels are average and full of fleas.      4-...

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