The South African Gravity Racing Association is an organization that aims to promote all gravity racing disciplines as classified by the International Downhill Federation  (IDF) , and to provide opportunities to all South Africans to participate in Gravity Sports. It aims to encourage qualities of good sportsmanship and courage and to foster friendship between gravity racers in South Africa and around the world, whatever their backgrounds.

It is SAGRA’s current mission to organize a South African Race Series, with races around the country, so that growing numbers of local riders can participate and gain ranking points with both the IDF and SAGRA, and sponsors can receive regular media exposure. Part of the mission includes making it possible for SA riders to take part in the World Cup Series.

SAGRA is an organisation by skaters for skaters.


SAGRA needs YOU!

February 02, 2015

South African Gravity Association, those four words get any downhill skater foaming at the mouth out of sheer excitement as it is so thoroughly linked to downhill racing events within South Africa. This being said, these events are exceptionally difficult to organise and run. With SAGRA being a NPO (non-profitable organisation), the amount of sponsorships, fund raising and accumulation of money that goes toward a simple event is immense. The public also needs to keep in mind that SAGRA is not an event organising company and that their duty is not to seek out other hills in order to run more SAGRA sanctioned races. The riders do not seem to realise how much hard and dedicated work go into making...

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